The Centre for Screening and Surgery (CSS) specialises in the screening and detection of cancer in its early stages. There is a cure rate of 90% or more for most cancers when detected early.

Breast Lumps / Cancer
Most common cancer among women in Singapore. Worldwide, it is also the most frequent cancer among women .
Neck Lumps / Thyroid Cancer
There is an increase in the incidence of thyroid cancer. It presents as a lump in the neck. Diagnosis is made with an ultrasound and needle biopsy. Surgery can cure thyroid cancer with more than 90% success.
Blood in Stools / Colon Cancer

Most common cancer in Singapore men and the second most common cancer in Singapore women. Colonoscopy screening is recommended starting at the age of 50 years and every 5-10 years thereafter if the results are normal

Stomach Cancer

Although the incidence of stomach cancer has declined, it remains a common cancer in Singapore. Endoscopy of the stomach (gastroscopy) is the best method of detecting stomach cancers in its early stages. 

Gallbladder Diseases
We also specialise in removing gallstones and gallbladders using key-hole surgery. Dr Kum has successfully performed hundreds of such operations.

This centre specialises in repairing all types of hernias using key-hole surgery. The most common is a groin hernia. Other hernias treated here include umbilical, incisional, ventral, hiatus and femoral types of hernias.

Liver Diseases

The liver is one of the largest and most important organ in the body. Diseases in the liver can lead to fatigue, loss of weight, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and jaundice (yellow discoloration of the eyes). Ultrasound and blood tests can detect most liver conditions.

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